Our Vision

Through the power of classical music, Vivace wants to brighten the lives of the elderly in our community and support the lives of international children. In the end, we hope our music will create a positive impact on our society and make the world — as musicians would put it — more vivace (which means lively in Italian).

Our Mission

Vivace's mission is twofold: to perform classical music recitals for the elderly in local retirement communities, churches, and hospitals, and to raise money for children's organizations. By doing so, we want to help both elders and the younger generation as well.

We've found that many people in retirement homes appreciate and are knowledgeable about classical music but find it difficult to get to symphony and recital halls. We at Vivace want to bring our music to them, forming an easy bond through our common passion for classical music. Through sponsorship of each concert, we plan to raise money to help less fortunate children internationally; all proceeds will go to a named children's organization or cause.

~Toki Migimatsu

Vivace Founder